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2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt

a game involving the world and your lens

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Comparing fun and exciting pictures around the world... based on a photo scavenger hunt
In an attempt to host Livejournal's first photo scavenger hunt, here's what I can give you at this time :)

goals =
* have fun
* visit new places while... not
* make new friends and keep up with their lives.

rules =
* nothing obscene or pornographic.
* love wins. be nice. don't fight.
* don't steal pictures. that's lame.

How I think it should all work:
Every Friday (for the weekend pictures) and Monday (for those that take their camera to work), I will post a new Photo Topic. Post with your picture in the comments section.
to do this, you have to know a little bit of HTML since it doesn't just have a button like normal posts do... take out the stars and you have the code :)
<*img src*="insert photo address here"*/*>

If you have any ideas, please send them to my email address (trazylyn@gmail.com)

We could make it into a game of sorts, but we'll think about that when we actually get some members :)